Request to Reactivate My Prior Applicant/Student Record

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New Applicants and/or Students: Please note, this form is for returning applicants/students that were previously accepted. If you were not previously accepted by Granite State College into the same degree level you wish to pursue, visit here to apply now.

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The preferred first name you enter below will appear in the majority of College communications instead of your legal first name. Students should indicate a preferred name only if they want staff and faculty to refer to them by a name that is different their legal name. For more information about the use of preferred first name, please visit our Preferred First Name web page..

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Granite State College has employer and community partnerships that may offer benefits for affiliated students. Please review the dropdown list.
If you are not affiliated with any of these organizations, select "not applicable".

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Definition of a dependent: If at time of reactivation, you are unmarried, have not reached age 24, and are dependent on the employee for more than half of your financial support.

An employee email is required to confirm dependent and spouse eligibility for the partnership benefits. If the affiliated employee's position with this partner was impacted by COVID-19, please enter the individual's current email address.

Granite State College will utilize your work email to confirm your eligibility for any partnership benefits for which you may qualify. If you no longer have a work email, please enter a preferred email address.

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Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement describes the financial obligation a student accepts when enrolling in classes at Granite State College. Please review the statement below.

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement describes the financial obligation a student accepts when enrolling in classes at Granite State College. Please acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. I accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of my registration and/or receipt of services. I understand my student account constitutes a financial obligation between me and GSC. I further understand all proceeds of this agreement will be used for educational purposes and constitute an education loan pursuant to 11 U.S.C.§ 523(a)(8). I may review all charges and payments by viewing my ‘Account Summary by Term’ information in WebROCK.

  2. I understand and agree that if a I drop or withdraw from some or all of the classes for which I register, I will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees in accordance with the published add/drop and withdrawal schedule. I further understand that my failure to attend class does not absolve me of my financial responsibility as described above.

  3. I understand that GSC uses electronic billing (e-bill) as its official billing method, and therefore, I am responsible for viewing and paying my student account e-bill by the scheduled due date. I further understand that failure to review my e-bill does not constitute a valid reason for not paying my bill on time. E-bill information is available at

  4. I understand GSC may withhold registration, transcripts and diplomas; assess late payment fees; charge interest on unpaid balances; submit unpaid debt to a collection agency; and take other steps to collect the money I owe. I agree to pay all delinquency fees, including any costs of collection, which may be based on a percentage up to 50% of the debt, and all other costs and expenses including reasonable attorney fees.

  5. I authorize GSC and their respective agents and contractors to contact me regarding my tuition and fees, including the repayment of my tuition and fees, at the current or any future cellular phone number(s), email address(es) or wireless device. I understand and agree that I am responsible for keeping GSC records up to date with my current physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for purposes of continued communication regarding any amounts that remain due and owing to GSC.

  6. I understand if my overdue account is placed in collection, GSC reserves the right to report both positive and negative payment histories to credit-reporting agencies and may obtain a credit report on me at any time in the future to review my account.

  7. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with and pursuant to the laws of the state of New Hampshire.