Granite State College Alumni Ambassador

Alumni Advisor Chris Pope

Why did you return to college? 
I was given a choice by my employer: Complete your undergraduate degree or don't advance. I was not happy about the ultimatum because my life was already busy and I wanted to wait until my son finished college. I returned to college and completed my degree in less than two years. My confidence increased and the faculty prepared me for graduate school.

How did Granite State College prepare you for the future? Granite State College gave me critical business skills and insight into my life that I thought I already had. GSC improved my ability to solve complex problems, write, read, analyze, and speak in public. Mostly, it created the desire to continue learning and be a student for life. I really needed that.

What advice would you like to share with prospective students?
I am a person that needs to do a lot of research and planning before making a big decision such as returning to college. I encourage you to speak with alumni and students about their experience at GSC and then jump in! GSC is full of students, faculty, and staff who want you to be part of a team that is driven to succeed.

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